Atlanta Outpatient Knee Replacement Surgery

Outpatient knee replacement surgery is now a viable option for many Atlanta residents thanks to the work at Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians. We have board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons that have faithfully served the residents of Atlanta for many years. We specialize in offering effective solutions for a wide range of knee injuries and conditions. During years of clinical practice, our orthopedic surgeons have helped countless individuals with knee joint problems find relief from their pain and other symptoms and improved mobility and function so they can return to an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

In the past, knee replacement surgery required an overnight hospital stay and usually required the patient to remain in the hospital for several days. With today’s cutting edge, minimally-invasive surgical techniques, it is possible to perform knee replacement surgery as an outpatient procedure. While not every patient is a candidate for outpatient knee replacement surgery, it provides an attractive alternative for younger, healthier patients who are highly motivated to recover quickly.

Outpatient knee replacement surgery offers several benefits including a smaller incision, less pain, less downtime and a decreased risk for infection. If you are interested in having outpatient knee replacement surgery, schedule a consultation with Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians today. After a thorough evaluation, we can determine if you are a candidate for this advanced surgical procedure.

Outpatient Knee Replacement Surgeon

Outpatient knee replacement surgery requires the extensive skill, knowledge and expertise of an experienced orthopedic surgeon. Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians has all of these credentials and more. You do not have to let chronic knee pain and other symptoms of end stage knee joint disease keep you from leading an active and fulfilling life. Instead, contact our Atlanta Outpatient Knee Replacement Surgery Specialists today or call us at (678) 752-7246 and schedule an appointment so you can get started on a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific age, lifestyle, goals and activity level. We look forward to serving you with caring, customized orthopedic care.