Atlanta Tourniquet-less Knee Replacement

Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians is one of Atlanta’s leading innovators when it comes to tourniquet-less knee replacement surgery. As board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons, we specialize in providing effective knee treatments for a wide range of injuries and conditions, including osteoarthritis of the knee. We were among the first physicians in Atlanta to recognize the benefits of this advanced surgical technique and to incorporate it into his clinical practice. By utilizing this cutting-edge surgical technique, we have helped countless individuals with knee problems find long-term pain relief, improved mobility and function and a better overall quality of life.

Traditionally, knee replacement surgery always involved the use of a thigh tourniquet to reduce bleeding. However, as the evidence that eliminating the use of a tourniquet improves patient outcomes grows, a handful of forward-thinking orthopedic surgeons are opting to perform tourniquet-less knee replacement surgeries. Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians is proud to be among this group. Benefits of this surgical technique over the use of a tourniquet during knee replacement surgery include less blood loss, less tissue trauma, less post-operative pain, less risk for deep vein thrombosis, an easier rehabilitation, a faster recovery and fewer post-operative complications.

As with all of our total joint replacement surgeries, our knee replacement patients benefit from the use of patient-specific surgical blocks. These surgical blocks are individually created based on your pre-operative MRI, and provide him with an exact outline of your knee implant—ensuring proper fit, placement and optimal function for you.

If you suffer from chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis or some other degenerative condition and are in need of knee replacement surgery, tourniquet-less knee replacement may be a good option for you. To find out if you are a candidate for this innovative therapy, please contact our Atlanta Tourniquet-less Knee Replacement Specialists or call our orthopedic practice at (678) 752-7246 and schedule a consultation with one of our orthpedic surgeons. After a thorough evaluation, we can recommend a customized treatment plan that is tailored to your specific age, lifestyle goals and activity level. We look forward to serving you with caring, customized orthopedic care.